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U.S. intelligence agencies using video war games to spy on those who play them?
Reports are widely circulating today that the government has extended its spying even to those
revelations, is that spy agencies can determine who might be using these games to improve their
terrorist skills….

A gay teacher at a Pennsylvania Catholic school has been fired after applying for a marriage
license to wed his long-time partner.  After 12 years of teaching at the Holy Ghost Preparatory
School, Michael Griffin was shown the door…even though the school’s administration knew that
he was gay.  But, while living openly with his partner seemed permissible, the school fell back on
church prohibitions when the union was about to be solemnized.  Griffin said he was fired after
telling administrators he was going to be a bit late for work because he would be at the
courthouse obtaining a  marriage license.

World leaders, including President Barack Obama, have converged on South Africa to honor the
life and memory of the man who ended apartheid, Nelson Mandela.  There are church services,
meetings, and speeches.

In another twist to the George Zimmerman saga, girlfriend  Samantha Scheibe has told a court in
Orlando that she wants the aggravated assault, battery charges dropped.  In an affidavit to the
judge, Scheibe says, “I am not afraid of George in any manner and I want to be with him."

Our really cool Thought for the Day in a moment, but first a quick reminder that Saint James
College Seminary is the world’s first online academic program for Certified Professional Chaplain
… Ordination … and Master of Divinity studies.

thought for the moment comes from Jonathan Lockwood Huie, who says,  “The
essence of life is not in the great victories and dramatic failures…but in the simple joys.”  
Go…have at least a few minutes of fun today!

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Here is a huge, under reported story that you are unlikely to hear anywhere else…the U.S. is
developing relatively radar-proof stealth drones at Area 51 (that’s where many people believe
that the U.S. is hiding an alien space craft).  But, the real story here is that retired Maj. General
James “Spider” Marks has just stated that we need stealth drones because the U.S. is already
“in a continuous state of war”.  Speaking at the McCain Institute in Washington, General Marks
says that Americans need to realize that this will mean an “omnipresent” culture of surveillance.  
Marks added, “we might have a capability that is so pervasive that we have ISR [intelligence,
surveillance, and reconnaissance] on top of everybody all the time,” he said.
Speaking of this non-stop surveillance, General Marks said, “what we are doing now will not go
away…we are now defining what our new ‘normal’ looks like.”

And, in Oklahoma, the legislature has voted to allow the Ten Commandments memorialized on
the grounds of the state capitol. This has pleased the local Christian community…but has also
led to an unexpected demand from Satan worshippers that they, too, should then be allowed to
erect a Satanist monument on the state capitol grounds.

Our really cool inspirational Thought in a moment, but first a quick reminder that Saint James
College Seminary is the world’s first online academic program for Certified Professional Chaplain
… Ordination … and Master of Divinity studies.
Today’s thought for the moment comes from Mark Twain, who said that we don't tend to get
into any trouble when we admit something that we
do not know.  But, there is a real chance of
trouble when we insist that we
do know something...but are wrong.

Today’s WorldView News is made possible in part by
Spotted Dog Studio.org, creating totally
unique quilted art, including purses, wall hangings, cuddly warm mittens and colorful one-of-a-
kind hats … even liturgical stoles and banners.  From the edge of the amazing Florida


True human status for Tommy the Chimpanze?  Scientists say that humans are the most
cruel creatures to walk the face of the earth.
 The horrible things we do to each other is
possibly surpassed only by the dreadful tortures we inflict on God’s other creatures…say…for
example…Tommy the Chimp.  Saint James’s WINGS Radio’s Ron Harrison says,  Tommy the
Chimp is being held in a tiny cage in a dark warehouse in Upstate New York.  Tommy’s awful
circumstances are being used to try persuading the American justice system to grant high-
intelligence animals like chimps many of the same rights accorded to homo sapiens.

The United States is having trouble with its bank…the Chinese government.  The U.S. has been
honoring its defense treaty with the Japanese in the increasingly hot war of words over
ownership of the South China Sea.  Now, Vice President Joe Biden has gotten an earful from the
Chinese, according to Saint James College Seminary’s WINGS World Service Radio
correspondent Nina Maria Potts in Bejing.  Vice President Biden says that he intends to make it
clear that the U.S. will not back down in the current dispute between China and Japan.

Oh…and new statistics are available today that indicate that 64% of all Americans favor
requiring members of the United States Congress to provide urine samples to prove that they
are clean and drug-free.  With a mere nine percent approval rating, Americans are beginning to
wonder if any lawmaker could be as totally incompetent as that without being on drugs….

Today’s Thought for the Moment comes from Soren Kierkegaard, who says, “The highest and
most beautiful things in life
are not to be heard about, nor read about, nor seen but
are those still to be lived.”


Today’s Thought for the Moment comes from perhaps the world’s most outstanding experts on
the mythology of life, Joseph Campbell.  He said,
“The world is far from perfect. It's a mess.
It has always been a mess.
We are not going to change it.
Our job is to straighten out our own lives so that we can go forth in health to help others.
Wise words indeed from Professor Joseph Campbell


Thought for the Moment: Benedictine monk and author, Thomas Merton taught:  Although the
world looks and feels solid, in the scope of eternity, it really doesn't exist that way.  Instead,
God's creation is a living and self-creating mystery of which we ourselves are a part.... We are
our own doorway to the beyond.

Our thought for the moment comes from Proverbs, which says that being a know it all leads
only to problems and that they way to success lies in seeking the advice of people whose
wisdom and experience can truly help us.


Developments this week again call into question the progress we have -- or have not --
made in terms of racial equality
In our “Race Watch Department” today comes word that four white students in California have
been suspended and charged with misdemeanor battery and hate crimes against a dorm mate.  
The students attend San Jose State University racially harassed an African-American student by
displaying a Confederate flag and white-supremacist symbols…and…even worse…they placed a
bicycle lock around his neck.  In case you are surprised that this could happen in a so-called
Post-Racial Society, in 2011, the FBI tracked 6,222 hate-crimes in the U.S.   Just over 9 percent
of these  incidents occurred at colleges or other educational institutions.

In the meantime, in New York City’s Crown Heights section, there’s a cruel new game called
Knockout, in which an Africa-American male sneaks up on a Hassidic Jew and tried to knock him
or her out with a single blow.  Incoming New York City advocate, Patricia James, says she is
deeply concerned about the widening of the racial divide.

In the meantime, calm minds continue to hope for a true Post-Racial Society…some day.

In our “Does Common Sense Even Exist Today” department, a school bus driver in Parma, Ohio,
has been fired for disarming an 8-year old student who was wielding a small knife.  60 year old
Jospeph Kaliszewski simply told the child that the bus was parked…and would remain
parked…until he was handed the knife.  The youngster complied…but Kaliszewski was fired for
failure to observe the school district’s protocols.  Only, when asked for a copy, school officials
were unable to come up with one.

Our Saint James College Seminary Thought for the Day comes from Epictetus, who says “The
key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.”


Trey Radel gets super court deal on his coccaine conviction...
You're invited to participate in a Saint James Research Project...
Stonehenge was NOT built by stones hauled from Wales by ancient people...

This is a  combination news story and request for you to become a research participant.  
Congressman Trey Radel of Ft. Myers, FL, has been arrested for attempting to buy cocaine
from undercover officers in Washington.  Pus, he had a supply of the illegal drug at his
apartment.   Radel says that he is now ready to own up to what he calls “alcoholism”, although
he is a cocaine user.

You have probably heard this much of the story but, do you realize that the Republican
congressional representative was let off scott free?  No prison time at all.  He’ll face one year of
probation…and he doesn’t even have to resign from the House of Representatives.
That’s the hard news part of this story.  The other is that Saint James College Seminary has a
potent social ministry project called the
Human Affairs Program.  

The spiritual and ethical program, known as HAP, is conducting research on the inequity of
giving a member of congress probation while a kid up the block committing exactly the same
crime may be sentenced to many years in a state prison.  Please let us know if you become
aware of any cases where people are sentenced to hard time for doing the same thing that let
Representative Radel walk out of court a free man.   serve@saintjamescollege.org

Oh…here’s one you may not have heard yet…it’s from our breaking news file and the facts are
ROCK SOLID.  We’ve been told for 90 years that
Stonehenge’s rocks are from a quarry in
Wales, a hundred miles from the ancient site.  But, this report from Yahoo’s Broken News reveals
some new and important scientific facts. Researchers have x-rayed Stonehenge’s rocks for the
first time and discovered that the building material came from a site ONE MILE away, not a
hundred miles as scholars have been telling us for nearly a century.

Thought for the moment:
Life is as easy or as hard as you think it is.       - Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Iran's Supreme Ruler says U.S. is dreaming about ending nuclear development...and
Justin Beiber's fans rapidly becoming EX-fans
Our lead story today…even though the news has been full of predictions that the U.S. is about to
convince Iran to halt its nuclear program in return for a reduction in sanctions…a nail has been
pounded in that coffin.  The Iranian supreme leader has nixed that idea, according to Wings
Radio’s FSN Washington correspondent Daniel Wrenches, who says that the Ayatollah believes
that America is only dreaming when we think we’ll stop Iran’s nuclear development program.  In
the meantime, El Monica is in Geneva and says  that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry may
travel to Europe in the days ahead to work on a deal with Iran….
To paraphrase the Bible, he who lives stupidly may stupidly die our and disappear.  This month’s
poster boy for this type of stupidity may well be Justin Bieber.  He is launching an eight-show tour
down under on the 26th of this month, but the Assies don’t seem to care…at all.  Australia’s
news.com.au says that ticket sales are lackluster, with tickets marked down to a fraction of  
typical prices.  Why has Bieber’s meteoric popularity plummeted?  Viagogo blames it on Biber’s
recent horrible behavior that leaves both his early teen and adult fans thoroughly disgusted.  Or,
is that EX-fans?

COSCO is blaming a distributor for labeling the Holy Bible as Fiction in one of its Southern
California stores.  The mislabeling was discovered by a pastor named Caleb Kaltenbach who
was in the big box store shopping for a Christmas gift for his wife

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Our thought for the moment comes from psychologist Carl Jung, who aptly said: "Your vision will
become clear only when you can look into your own heart. The person who looks outside,
dreams; the person who looks inside, awakens.”


In a Russian court:   Greenpeace Activists and the latest in Rev. Terry Schaefer case

United Methodist minister Terry Schaefer is facing a second day of penalty phase hearings
stemming from his church conviction for performing a same sex marriage for his son.  Pastor
Shaefer could lose his ministerial credentials this week.

The Greenpeace activists who have been arrested by Russian authorities are appearing before
a judge in St. Petersburg, charged with piracy and hooliganism for operating in Russian waters.  
We hear the latest from Saint James College Seminary’s Wings Radio affiliate, FSN’s  Veria
Vondacheck reports from Moscow (click audio link above)
And, finally, Saint James College Seminary is currently expanding its Certified Professional
Chaplaincy program and is accepting new students for the January semester, although distance
learners may enroll and begin their online studies immediately.  Along with social workers,
chaplains are the most in-demand profession in America, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor

Our thought for the moment comes from Anias Nin, “The possession of knowledge can not kill
one’s sense of wonder and mystery.  
There is always more to enliven the spirit!  More
uncertainty about Methodist minister who officiated at his gay son's weding
United Methodist minister Terry Schaefer is facing a second day of penalty phase hearings
stemming from his church conviction for performing a same sex marriage for his son.  Pastor
Shaefer could lose his ministerial credentials this week.

The Greenpeace activists who have been arrested by Russian authorities are appearing before
a judge in St. Petersburg, charged with piracy and hooliganism for operating in Russian waters.  
We hear the latest from Saint James College Seminary’s Wings Radio affiliate, FSN’s  Veria
Vondacheck reports from Moscow (click audio link above)
And, finally, Saint James College Seminary is currently expanding its Certified Professional
Chaplaincy program and is accepting new students for the January semester, although distance
learners may enroll and begin their online studies immediately.  Along with social workers,
chaplains are the most in-demand profession in America, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor

Our thought for the moment comes from Anias Nin, “The possession of knowledge can not kill
one’s sense of wonder and mystery.  There is always more to enliven the spirit!   


Methodists find pastor guilty…set sites on bishop!

Last week, our Religion News Daily reported that Pennsylvania United Methodist Minister Frank
Schaefer would be placed on trial for solemnizing the marriage of his gay son and husband to
be.  Well, after hours last evening, the Methodist jury found the Reverend Ms. Schaefer guilty of
violating the Protestant Denomination’s Book of Discipline.   The jury of 13 pastors and two
alternates will meet through the day today to determine Schaefer’s punishment.  This can range
from temporary suspension to being removed from his pulpit.  

In the meantime, Methodist leaders are creating yet another crisis revolving around gay
marriage.  This time, denomination’s Council of Bishops is calling for charges to be leveled
against retired Bishop Melvin Talbert.  Bishop Talbert performed the wedding of two men on Oct.
26th.  The Bishop strongly opposes the United Methodist anti-gay rule is “wrong and evil … it no
longer calls for our obedience.”  (Bishop's Photo by Paul Jeffrey.  Rev. Schaefer's is a

If the jury returns its verdict in the Pastor Schaefer case today, Saint James College Seminary’s
Wings Radio and Daily Religion news will break in with a bulletin.

Today's Inspirational Thought: Here is a thought based on the wisdom of a man named Tucker
Max... If people try to judge you or shame you for doing safe, comfortable things ... shame on
them.  I can guarantee you they’re bad people. ~ Tucker Max


When is proclaiming the Lord making just too much noise?
The First Baptist Church in Bath, Maine, has an active pastorate and membership.  It is housed
in a lovely historic building constructed in 1832.  But, it is really ticking off its neighbors.  Last
year, crews cleaned and repaired the church's bell.  So far, so good.  Only, somehow, neighbors
believe that the bell is now much louder...to the point of being a plague rather than a blessing.  
Simply put, the people in the area,
for whom the bell tolls, say the loudness is actually doing
injury to the community.  Particularly economically.  

For example, the nearby Kismet Inn is for sale but the potential buyers are reluctant to close the
deal due to the loud bells.  The Bath
Times Record says that the church and city officials are
going to bring in experts this week to see how they can reduce the
noise (their word, not ours!).
The town uses the word
noise to describe what should be a sacred call to honor God.  

This, some say, is a truth that rings loud in their ears!

Our Thought for the Day

To paraphrase Sophocles... It is a terrible thing to proclaim good intentions while causing pain to


The pope as leader of a major new public relations campaign?

Pope Francis appears to  be disarming even Protestant church leaders with his regular-guy
approach to life.  He seems like a humble, down home, highly accessible un-pope-like
grandfather.  But, he is actually the CEO of a remarkable new public relations campaign
headquartered in Vatican City.  Or, so says Business 2 Community writer Kevin Murphy, who
reminds us that the Holy Father is the official spiritual leader of 1.2-billion Catholics.  And, he
intends to connect meaningfully with them, according to the publication.
Since his consecration in March of this year, the pontiff has opted to live in the Vatican guest
house instead of the posh papal apartments.  He rides a bus instead of the bullet-proof
Popemobile.   He wears a simpl white cassock instead of the splendid papal robes worn by his
predecessors.  He is known for dialing complete strangers on his own phone himself, declining to
use the Vatican switchboard.  He has expressed a less judgmental view of gay rights, divorce,
and women in ministry than the church leaders who held office before  him.

And, he knows the importance of social media, according to reporter Murphy, and has even
begun making
selfies, as he did last week when he snapped a smartphone picture of himself with
teenagers who were visiting St. Peter’s.

And, as you have undoubtedly seen on our website, Pope Francis was out strolling the other day
when he encountered a couple of clowns.  Borrowing one of their clown noses, he laughingly
posed with a big red nose of his own!

Today's Inspirational thought:  We’re not sure if she has worn a big red clown’s nose or not,
but author Marianne Williamson says 'Joy is what happens to us when we look at our lives and
discover some really great things there…and come to recognize how good or lives really can be!'

Air Force Academy cadets will no longer be required to include the words “so help me
God” when taking their annual Honor Oath.

First it was removal of Christmas scenes from public places…then exclusion of ten
commandments displays from public buildings…and…even in American courts, there is a rapidly
growing trend to change this:  “I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  
So help me God.”  Now, though, many courtrooms ask witnesses to say, “I sweat to tell the truth,
the whole truth, and nothing but the truth….”  Period.  Missing is the final phrase, “so help me

These developments have greatly perplexed those folks who do not fully embrace the American
separation of church and state.  And, now, there’s another development to concern those who
want Godly references to remain in the public sphere.  Now, the U.S. Air Force Academy in
Colorado Springs is going to allow its 4000 cadets to opt out of the phrase “So help me God”
when they take their oaths.  The so help me God part of the Academy oath was actually added
in 1984.  That’s the year, you may recall, that many cadets were caught up in a massive
cheating scandal.

Check out these words of wisdom from a very smart man, Albert Einstein…
There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle.

Famous Christian dominator of women, Doug Phillips, falls due to marital infidelity
Vastly outspoken proponent of male “dominion” over women. Doug Phillips, has given up
leadership of his business.  His
for-profit Texas-based Vision Forum Ministries has been an
important player in the home schooling industry.   Phillips is quoted as saying that he has been
involved in a long-term "inappropriate relationship with a woman.”  He is a tireless proponent of
so-called “biblical patriarchy.”  This teaches that God wants man to have dominion over women...
even going so far as to say that women have no place working alongside men in occupations
outside the home.
North Korea is in our headlines today following word of a major crackdown on people who want
to even EXPLORE the tenets of  Christianity and Judaism.  Saint James College Seminary’s Daily
Religion News has just learned that North Korea has executed eighty humans beings for having
an INTEREST in religion … although a few also committed the capital sin of possessing Bibles.
Today's inspirational thought comes from D.L. Moody and holds an interesting truth:  "“The best
way to show that a stick is crooked is not to argue about it or to spend time denouncing it, but to
lay a straight stick along side it.”

United Methodist Minister goes to trial for marrying his gay son
Even as American sentiment is leading to an avalanche of gay marriage legalization, the United
Methodist Church is trying The Reverend Frank Schaefer for solemnizing the marriage of his son
Tim back in 2007.  Why now?  A parishioner complained to the denomination's leadership.  The
outcome of the trial could result in a reprimand, suspension, or even "defrocking" (rescinding of
the pastor's ministerial credentials).  This is the punishment that hangs over the heads of all
United Methodist clergy who perform same-sex unions.  Nonetheless, the 51 year old pastor told
reporters that he not only felt that it was his ministerial duty to honor the equality of all...but that
he loves his son so much that he really needed to perform the ceremony in order to "share his
joy."  Although called a "Rebellious Pastor," Schaefer will receive the support of 50 other
ministers this coming Saturday when they all gather to perform a gay marriage at a United
Methodist church in Philadelphia, PA.

What should persons of faith do in the face of yet another disaster?

Torndoes has wrecked incredible damage on U.S. communities…floods have decimated
American city after city…Super Storm Sandy still has thousands of New Jersey citizens without
homes…New Orleans still hasn’t been rebuilt from Hurricane Katrina, for crying out loud.... Add
to this that so many families are still trying to hang on with no jobs…and…now…the dreadful
typhoon in the Philippines.

Christ said that we are to feed the hungry…and there are millions of those in the Philippines
alone today.  With the problems that individuals are facing in their own lives…it is perhaps no
surprise that there are mixed responses to the horrific needs of the Philippine people.  For
example, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has fallen back on the all-too-familiar
promise that religious people too often use in these tough situations.  The head of the Church
Of England has assured homeless Filipinos that he is  “praying for the weakest and most
vulnerable victims, and for the churches and governments trying to help rebuild.
May the victims of this terrible storm know God's comfort and derive strength from their faith," the
archbishop says.

In the meantime, the Catholic Agency For Overseas Development (CAFOD), is going full steam
with rescue attempts…and Samaritians Purse, the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, and
numerous religious and service agencies are doing what they can to help.  Yet, every dollar we
give is a dollar we don’;t have to feed our own families or pay to heat our homes this weekend.  
Disasters certainly bring agony to the direct victims…but they also cause deep soul searching
and calls for sacrifice from those of us who live far away and watch other’s suffering from the
comfort of our living room couches.

Afer looking at your budget and searching your conscience, you might want to go to
InterAction.org a clearinghouse for dozens of well-known religious and international chariees.  

Here’s today’s thought for the moment from, amazingly, from Dr. Seuss:
Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It's not.  So saith
the very wise Dr. Seuss!

Veteran's Day headline
As we celebrate veterans day 2013, there are 1,455,375 active personnel in the US military.  
War has always been controversial, with citizen opposition to every conflict in which Americans
have been involved.  And, yet, there has always been deemed an overriding need for the military
to defend freedom.  No matter that citizens have – and contine – to have strong feelings about
war…individual men and women have their lives disrupted to don uniforms and serve.  It is the
military and political leaders who appear in the headlines…and the soldiers themselves rarely
make the daily news.  Veterans Day is the one day each year that the one and a half million
unsung military personnel get THEIR praise.  Wings Radio is a service of Saint James College
Seminary…and as a trainer of spiritual leaders of all denominations…we are faced with the need
to teach peace and love throughout the world community.  So, as we honor veterans during this
national celebration, we are also taking the opportunity to acknowledge that ministers, priests,
chaplains, and rabbis are also faced daily with the dilemma of helping military persosonel and
their families while, at the same time, juggling their own personal feelings about war and peace.
Today’s thought for the day comes from the late General Douglas McCarther who said, "The way
for a better world to emerge is to live your life based on faith and understanding."

MegaDeth Co-Founder has returned to God but says heavy metal music is not Satanic
Heavy Metal Icon David Ellefson, has had his struggles with drugs and alcohol on his journey to
stardom.  He has written a book, titled
"In My Life with Deth," in which he described failed
attempts at rehab and finally arriving at the conclusion that he would die if he couldn't kick
methadone, cocaine, and heroin. Ultimately, Ellefson reveals that a return to the religion of his
youth, Lutheranism, literally provided his
salvation.  He tells Relevant magazine that he has
moved from the realm of the occult, he is now studying to become a Lutheran pastor,  Has
Ellefson given up music, though?  No, today he plays bass guitar in his church’s praise band!

Dude looks like a lady
Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed is being sought worldwide for his alleged role in the recent horrific
mall attack in Kenya.  British authorities were pretty certain that they had cornered the terror
suspect in a mosque.  Only, he apparently gave them the slip by putting on a burka. the highly-
restrictive, identity-hiding, garb that many Muslim women are forced to wear.  Looking like a
woman, Mohamed was able to exit the mosque while under intent police eyes and make a
complete getaway.  In the meantime, the suspected terrorist remains the subject of a worldwide
search by Interpol and other police agencies.

LAX shooter not called a terrorist because he's white?
"If the shooter had been a Muslim with brown skin, he would have been termed a terrorist.. But,
it's ironic that Paul Ciancia is a caucasion and he is called mentally ill.  Is this religious and ethnic
discrimination" asks
Islamic Monthly editor, Arslan Iftikhar  

"In former, simpler, times, someone who opened fire on innocent people would have simply been
called a
criminal.  Today, however, we are called upon to consider theological issues as well as
matters of ethics, culture, good-or-evil, and even global politics." -
Saint James College Seminary

UN objects as Iranian  Christians sentenced to 80 lashes for drinking Communion Wine
Iran sentences four Christians to 80 lashes because they were caught receiving Holy
Communion, which, of course, consists of unleavened bread...and wine. In spite of initiatives to
the West, Iran is cracking down on banned “house-churches.” Christians within Iran attempt to
hold services, Bible study, baptisms, etc.,  without being discovered by the Iranian government's
special "religious purity" police.  While there has been a loud outcry from Christian communities
around the world, there has also been an official condemnation.  The United Nations has
strongly objected, noting that over 300 Christians have been arrested in Iran since 2010.

Number of parents having their babies baptized is reclining rapidly
In the Roman Catholic church, the number of babies being baptised has dropped by more than
200,000 annually since 1970.  Why?  According to Mark Gray at the Center for Applied
Research in the Apostolate, out-of-wedlock births is one factor.  Gray told Maureen Fiedler, SL,  
of public radio show,
Interfaith Voices, that "Single parents may be less apt to bring a child for
baptism because of a misapprehension that they won't be welcome."

Additionally, interfaith marriages are undoubtedly playing a role in the decrease.  However, The
Rev. Frank Page, president of the Southern Baptist Convention's executive committee, told Sr.
Maureen:  "People want God but they're not happy with churches."

With one in five Americans reporting having no specific religious affiliation, the dwindling number
of baptisms may be an ongoing...and growing...reality.

"White House" turns pink to draw attention to the war on Breast Cancer
To focus on the need for more Americans to support breast cancer research, President
Obama's administration opted to help draw attention to the important work.  The Gospels require
us to heal the sick.  (Matthew 10:8)  

Valerie Jarratt, Senior Advisor to the President and Chair of the Council on Women and Girls,
has breast cancer in her family.  Jarratt says, "My mother is a breast cancer survivor, and would
be the first to tell you that her ability to access high quality health care saved her life. She was
diagnosed very early as a result of her annual mammogram. Through all of her appointments,
treatments, procedures, and our trips to the pharmacy, I remember feeling so grateful that my
mom had health insurance, and just heartbroken as I thought of the millions of families without
the same access to care. In a country as rich as ours, there is no reason anyone should have to
face their health challenges without the care they need, and no family should have to face
financial ruin when an accident or illness strikes."

Fewer and fewer young Americans affiliating with organized religion
Although the new Pew Research Center report shows people under 30 failing to be attracted to
traditional religions, some still say that they hold spiritual beliefs.

Today, roughly 20% of young adults "consider themselves religiously unaffiliated".  This is an
uptick from the 15% reported five year ago.  The study went on to further distill the numbers,
saying that of the 20% with no religious affiliation, a full 30% have not yet
reached their thirtieth birthday.  

In an interesting side note, when the 20% of the non-religiously affiliated were questioned
further, 38% reported a personal belief in God ... 37% use the increasingly familiar phrase of
"spiritual but not religious" ...  and no fewer than 21% of the unaffiliated told researchers
that they in include daily prayer in their lives.   How many indicated either agnostic or atheisism?  
Merely 6% of those polled.  

New York City School raises eybrows with Islamic holidays
The New York City Board of Education is considering closing its schools on Muslim holidays.
"We have a growing Muslim community in the city of New York, and their religion needs to be
respected as all other religions are respected" -Joe Lhota, mayoral candidate.  His opponent, Bill
de Blasios, agrees.  While Muslim leaders applaud the initiative, conservative Christian and
Jewish spokespersons' comments range from, "no way!" to, "if we do that, we are definitely
making a pact with the devil!"  The Muslim population of New York City is estimated to be roughly
13% - 15%.

Religious leaders praying in the U.S. Capitol are arrested, frisked, handcuffed, and led
Concerned that the U.S. Congress has been turning its back on the needs of America's poor, a
prayer rally in the House of Representatives' Rotunda was organized by an actual former
Congressional Representative.   Former Congressman Bob Edgar now serves as the president
of Common Cause and he and numerous other religious leaders convened to pray for a
resolution to the debt crisis and funding for the most vulnerable Americans.  

But, they were arrested by Capitol Police. Handcuffed with their hands behind their backs, and
taken away.

Among those charged was The Rev. Michael Livingston.  A former president of the National
Council of Churches, Livingston is now the director of the NCC's poverty initiative.  Reverend
Livingstone said:  "Congress is paralyzed by toxic partisan politics while people suffer.  Our
elected officials are protecting corporations and wealthy individuals while shredding the safety
net for millions of the most vulnerable people in our nation and abroad. Our faith won't allow us
to passively watch this travesty unfold."  Speaking to the crowds just outside the door at the time
of the mass arrests was The Reverend Welton Gaddy, a Southern Baptist Minister who heads
the Interfaith Alliance and also hosts the
State of Belief radio broadcast.



A website belonging to a probably-fictitious group called The Center for Responsible Christian
Living built a website containing the surprising news that the Southern Baptist Convention's
Executive Committee was meeting in "in an extraordinary emergency session" to throw the
denomination's support behind the growing gay rights movement.  The SBC says that their
church has been victimized by "an elaborate hoax," with Roger Oldham, vice president for
convention communications and relations for the Executive Committee, responding.  He said
that, while the SBC will not advocate for gay rights, its fundamental anti-homosexuality teaching
is both biblical and loving.



It is a marvellous work of mosaic art -- but it was ruled to be "graffiti" by the city of Encinitas, CA.  
The artwork was mounted under a railroad bridge during broad daylight.  In spite of gaining
worldwide attention and approval, the city council still couldn't find it in its heart to make an
exception for the highly-acclaimed work, THE SURFING MADONNA.  The art is the work of artist
Mark Patterson, who is going to have to come up with nearly $3,000 to settle his violation of the
city's municipal code.  It is perhaps ironic that it was
secular authorities who raised the fuss, with
very little objection coming from religious leaders.  Patterson retains ownership of his mosaic
mural and is currently seeking another place for it to be displayed.



"God the Father" is not going to be a term in use any longer at the Congregationalist Church -
the United Church of Christ.

In order to both modernize while remaining true to Biblical and church tradition, the denomination
has changed the term "heavenly Father" to
Triune God.

The change arises from a review of church terminology by the denomination's Executive
General Synod.  The new designation is not being accepted with glee by other
denominations, particularly the conservative wing of Christianity.



The vintage "Focus on the Family" program has released some 110 employees.  The layoffs at
the Colorado-based ministry are reported to be directly related to the departure of its founder,
James Dobson, who left last year do begin his new program, "Family Talk with Dr. James
Dobson".  Without the 75 year old Dobson at the helm, donor support has dwindled by what
some sources estimate as amounting to nearly $30-million, precipitating the layoffs.  Dr.
Dobson's conservative views include his assertion that the cartoon character Sponge Bob is a
thinly-veiled vehicle to promote homosexuality.  Dobson used Focus on the Family website to
proclaim his view that "childhood symbols are apparently being hijacked to promote an agenda
that involves teaching homosexual propaganda to children."



In view of the obvious reverence to Hitler, a property management company in Israel elected to
adopt the name
FUEHRER, which has left many people in Israel and other parts of the world
scratching their heads in view of the odd choice.


A woman died in the village of Pexeiros Blancos, Spain.  When it was time for the deceased's
funeral procession from the church to the cemetery, local priest, Father Eladio Blanco, refused
to go along.  He exclaimed, "She has no right to a proper burial because she almost never came
to mass."   Some 300 mourners were shocked...and loudly insisted that the priest come to the
cemetery and give the deceased woman a proper burial.
Blanco pulled out a gun and opened fire.  One of his four shots wounded a mourner.  Those of
you reading this who are pastors, we do not recommend this form of persuasion to prompt your
parishioners to attend your services!  

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