• Affordable Degree Studies, among the lowest tuitions rates anywhere
  • We are a chartered not-for-profit institution as a Center of Educational Excellence
  • Tuition financing available at zero-percent interest if you require this help
  • Professional Certifications also available.  For example you may earn a Master of
    Business Administration degree or a Master Certificate in Business Administration
    in an ethical-spiritual major.  The Certificate tuition is highly affordable!
Saint James Seminary
Earn a
Degrees with Women In

We gladly offer degree studies that are
not the same old "generic" or "unisex"
curricula that you'll find at other
colleges.  All of the lessons have been
written by our professors with a deep
sensitivity not only to racial, age, and
cultural considerations, but with gender
issues as of paramount importance.

You may wish to consider Bachelors,
Masters, PhD, or "Master Certificates"
in the following:

  •    BS / MS - Divinity
  •    BS / MS - Sacred Divinity
  •    BS / MS - Sacred Theology
  •    Spiritual Counseling
  •    Pastoral Counseling
  •     Bachelors and Masters        
  •    Social Work Admin.
  •    Women's Studies
  •    Bachelor and Master of              
    Business Administration - with

    majors available in pastoral
    management, parish management,  
    not-for-profit agency
    management, Ethical Business
    Management, non-governmental
    organizations (NGOs), etc.
  •  Abuse Counselor (Healing            
    verbal, physical, sexual, child, or
    elder abuse)
  •  Grief Management - Certified
    Grief Worker
  •   Nutritional Body and Soul
  •   Naturopathy-Mind-Body
  • Social Justice
  • Ethical Studies

Lowest Tuitions with no
"surprise add-ons"

The tuition that is arranged at the time of
your enrollment remains your only cost.  

Many schools tend
to "nickel and dime"
their students with
registration fees,
book charges,
semester curriculum
fees...some even
charge their students
for their diplomas!

Saint James Seminary
and its parent, the
interfaith Love Church
Worldwide are
not-for-profit institutions.  Our charter
permits us to charge a fair rate for our
services and we are allowed to accept
donations from those who wish to support
this exciting educational work.  But, we
never tack on extra fees (nor do we ever
solicit donations!).  The tuition fee that you
are quoted will be your
only expense.


TRACK" PROGRAM!  All lessons will be
sent to you by email.


Self Paced:  study at your
Study ... or pursue family obligations
or other interests,  when you wish!

Your studies can fit your lifestyle!

This is a self-paced program and you
may take as much time as you wish
before sending in your work.  

As soon as you send in your lesson, your
faculty mentor will review your response,
make helpful comments, and will forward
the next lesson in your series.  This
usually takes place within one business
day (but may take longer on weekends
and national holidays).  

How we offer The Lowest Tuitions!

Because we are chartered as a not-for-profit college seminary program, we are able to
offer tuition options that are much less expensive than our for-profit and bricks-and-mortar
college and university counterparts.

The Seminary's tuitions are customarily 300% - 500%
less costly than other colleges.  The
more real-life experience and/or previous education that you bring to Saint James, the less
tuition you will be required to pay.  The fewer administrative and billable faculty hours that
we have, the lower your tuition can be.

Bachelor:  Depending on the background you can "bring to the table", your tuition may
range from $1,200 to around $2,500.  0% interest student loans are available for
those who require them.  Your curriculum will be energized and will be 100% online.

Masters Degrees:  Masters degree studies can carry a tuition averaging $4,500,
depending on your professional and academic background.  Interest-free tuition financing is
available from the Seminary.

Doctoral Degrees:  As with our other degrees, we are able to adjust your tuition
requirements downwards based on the amount of existing education and professional
experience you can document.  Doctoral degrees can carry tuitions as low as $4,850 and
run up to around nine thousand, based on your background.  We also offer interest-free
tuition financing to assist students will special economic concerns.  There will be online
"classroom" instruction coupled with a dissertation or faculty-assisted service project.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:    ALL lessons that you may complete as a part of an
applied toward a Saint James Seminary degree.

    Real-life  Experience!  
    Our government charter
    permits Saint James  
    Seminary to award up
    to one-half of the
    required credit based on
    both your professional
    and previous college
We pioneered online spiritual training!   The Saint James family
of educational centers and institutes are the world's
first to offer online
degrees, ordination, chaplain training, environmental sciences, Spiritual MSW, etc.
-- all featuring unique curricula designed especially for mid-career
spiritual professionals
We are a seminary program and our degrees do contain a spiritual
and ethical flavor not found at most other schools.  You will not be
"evangelized" into any religious beliefs other than those with which
you may enter our school.

0% Interest
Financing at
Saint James